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2011 Photography Thesis



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In 2011 Photography Thesis

By Valerie Leek

When Dreams are Scarce

On 26, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In 2011 Photography Thesis, Photography | By Valerie Leek

This whole entire thesis thing has been the biggest trial and error experience.  I have gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos that just aren’t working for me, or leaving me with an empty feeling when I finish them.  I just want to put on a good show that is going to impress others, and make me happy.  Why is that so hard?

Anyway, I thought I would share an image I created in this whole process, titled “When Dreams are Scarce.”  This image will not be in my final exhibition, but it was one of the many steps in this project.  One of the hardest things about this semester is putting hours and hours into a photo shoot and not having the image come out the way I had planned, or perhaps others don’t react to it the way I’d hoped.  It’s a struggle to balance what I value in a photograph vs. what others might value.

I recently had my “Ah HA” moment (took long enough), but I finally think I know what I need to do to create the final images that will make a good thesis.

This is one of the 20ish versions that I have of this idea.  It just didn’t work out how I wanted it to…  Sorry… .jpgs have low color quality online as well.  :-/


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