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2011 Photography Thesis



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In 2011 Photography Thesis

By Valerie Leek

Never Shown: The Crisis Continues Pt. 2

On 05, Dec 2011 | One Comment | In 2011 Photography Thesis, Photography | By Valerie Leek

All images are (c) Valerie Leek.  They were shot from Winter 2010 to Spring 2011. As you may remember, I posted a few images that I’d never shared on the web back in September…As the weather gets colder, I am constantly reminded of the anxieties I had while preparing my thesis last winter/spring.  The smell of cold, crisp air reminds me of most of my time in BFA photo.  I spent my weekends driving to the middle of nowhere to take pictures.  I endured the cold, the rain, acquired cuts and scrapes, got stuck in the mud, jumped into a lake at the end of February, trespassed, ran away from a dog, carried a heavy 4×5 view camera to photograph landscapes in the dead cold of winter, etc. etc. And they say photography is easy?

I took over 1500 images while preparing for my thesis… yes… 1500.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or not… but I occasionally go back and look at these photos.  Although these images definitely didn’t work out for my show, it’s important for me to appreciate the work I created regardless as to where it ended up, or how relevant it was at the time.  Who knows… I could use these again for something… someday.

Although…. some of the names of the folders that I found these images in are “Nope,” or “No way.”  How creative…

I’m finding that I really miss conceptual photography. When my thesis was done and over with, I was seriously ready to take a break from photography as art.  I think this dry spell is over, and I’m getting excited to get back in the game again.  Once I acquire this film scanner I keep speaking of, I’ll be diving back into the realm of film,

Fun fact: I baked three cakes (and purchased a 4th from the grocery store) and set all of them on fire to get the perfect shot.  Although I redid the original photo shoot 3 additional times, I ended up going with my first image. Trial and error, my friends.


  1. Can’t wait to see more–in fact, more posts, please!

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