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In Photography

By Valerie Leek

CMYK Magazine Publication!

On 15, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Photography, Publications | By Valerie Leek

I’m so excited to share with you guys that one of my photographs has been selected to be featured in CMYK Magazine’s next issue in February!

The photo that they selected is one from way back when, titled “Unaverage Joe.” I have found that over the years, this seems to be a favorite with the general audience (it was also selected to be published in Canvas Creative Arts Magazine, a student-run art magazine at Indiana University a few years ago).

Things like this sometimes surprise me.  I’ve found myself spending hours and hours trying to make a photograph conceptually sound, but even with all of the time spent to develop a conceptual photo, it might not resonate with as much of a crowd.  This particular image was created with more of a focus on the technical skill rather than the concept of the image.  My photography instructor at the time, Kevin O. Mooney, set a constructed reality assignment for our advanced digital class at Indiana University.  The assignment was to merely stitch photos together so well that it appeared to be reality, even though it wasn’t. For this image, taking the photos was the easy part, but the stitching to make the photo appear seamless took hours of editing.

This image was created when I was sort of on this fairytale craze.  I was working on creating my Alice in Wonderland images around the same time.  Apparently editing myself to be really small was something I was fond of at the time.  I’m fairly certain I was inspired by a mix of Thumbelina and coffee shop art I’d seen. Who would have thought that finding the world’s tackiest tea cup at Goodwill would turn into this?

I’ll keep you posted as to when the issue hits stands in February!  Thanks everyone for your kind words of congratulations and encouragement!  It’s stuff like this that keeps me going.

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