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In Photography
Wedding & Engagement

By Valerie Leek

So You’re Engaged?

On 28, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Photography, Wedding & Engagement | By Valerie Leek

Oh love is in the air.  It seems like almost every other day someone that I know, or a friend of a friend is getting engaged.


Some words of advice for those of you planning out your engagement/wedding photos:
  • Don’t be afraid to dream big with your photos.  A lot of people are using Pinterest right now to bookmark dresses, accessories, decorations, and photos that they want to use as inspiration for their big day. Share these ideas with your photographer!  This allows me to know your style and what you want the most out of your photos.  Don’t be shy… sharing inspiration helps us out a lot!
  • Consider getting crafty and making props for your engagement photos.  Trust me… I’m the queen of using props in photos.  For example, see my Anomalies series from my time in BFA photography.  These will make your photos more unique!
  • Plan for best light!!!!!!! (I even note this in my contract).  The more light that I (or any photographer) have to work with, the higher the quality of the photos.  Window light… outdoor light… anything.  *Note: The best times of the day to shoot with outdoor light is early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.  During these times of the day, the sunlight is softer, and not as harsh as noon-hour sunlight.  Soft light is flattering, and you’ll be way happier with your photos.

Happy planning to all of you!

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