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In Chicago

By Valerie Leek

Sea Glass

On 20, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Chicago, Photography | By Valerie Leek

Randomly becoming a beachcomber along the beaches of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Okay, okay… this smoothie has nothing to do with seaglass, but I made this for breakfast this morning, and I think it’s by far my favorite smoothie combination: strawberries, bananas, blackberries, and spinach.  Add a splash of apple juice and some dollops of your favorite lite yogurt, and you’ve got yourself an awesome serving of energy!

And yes… that would be my Christmas tree in the background… still going strong.

So today, I decided to avoid the gym and go for a brisk run along the lakeshore path.  It turned out being a beautiful day despite the chilliness.  The winter darkness has kept me cooped up in my apartment most of the time, but now that the sunlight is staying out a tad bit longer and the temperature is getting more bearable, I’m excited to become reacquainted with the lake.  I mean common, it took me 5 minutes to run from my apartment to this spot.

Then my run turned into curiosity on the way back.  I started walking closer to the water line and found myself picking through shells and rocks that have washed up on the beach. I have to say, Lake Michigan has an impressive production of sea glass (or… uh… lake glass in this case). I kind of have this weird hobby of collecting sea glass… it’s literally just chunks of glass that have been smoothed out from enduring harsh water and sand particles, but there is something that I appreciate about the process the glass has gone through.  Plus, when you collect a lot of pieces, they look great in a mason jar.  :-)

Some other weird things ended up in my pocket.

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