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In Chicago

By Valerie

Domtar Lynx Promotinal Booklet

On 07, Jan 2017 | No Comments | In Chicago, Design, Photography | By Valerie

Domtar worked with Pivot Design to create a unique promotional booklet showcasing their Lynx line of papers as the next alternative to their sister company, Cougar.

This piece was a designer’s dream project—having the ability to push type and photography beyond conventional limits in order to show off a line of paper. We learned that “the sky is the limit,” can truly be a challenging criteria. We were faced with endless possibilities for image and type choices, but ultimately had to wrangle the ideas together to encompass the main goal—positioning Lynx as the next best alternative to their highly popular line, Cougar.

Teamed with Pivot’s founder, design director, and my creative team lead, we dove into a world of conceptual photography that ranged from weird to accessible, and pushed type in new ways we hadn’t explored before. The end result demonstrated Lynx as a go-to choice for your next unique print project.


Specifically, my role on this project was to assist with curating and retouching images, and experimenting with type. We had a defined set of core values about the paper, so the task was simply to use image and type to represent each value. This project involved critiques that broke design down into conceptual conversations about image and type in their truest form. My design director and creative team lead took this piece to the finish line, and it turned out beautifully.

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