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The Peter Pan Generation

By Valerie

On 14, Sep 2012 | In | By Valerie

The Peter Pan Generation

Art Director and Photographer
Conceptualized an image to be produced for the 2010 BFA Collaborative Exhibition, “The 20-Somethings.” Assigned and directed peers in photography, lighting, makeup, models, and concept.

They call it “emerging adulthood,” a social phenomenon taking over the current 20-somethings. Jeffery Arnett, professor at Clarke University, coined the term to describe the period between adolescence and adulthood. It is during this intermediary phase that young adults have begun to take time for self exploration; whereas in previous generations, adults would be establishing families and careers. A young adult of this era would rather escape to their idealized “Neverland,” a place where they will never have to worry about growing up. For this, critics refer to these young adults as the “Peter Pan Generation.”

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