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Paper for Good

On 11, May 2016 | No Comments | In | By Valerie

Paper for Good

In order to demonstrate and exercise a new line of paper, we were asked to develop a promotional piece that paired the dual messages of reasons to choose this paper line against a strong theme that can relate to printers and designers alike. For my concept, I chose to tell the story of paper quality, durability, and performance alongside the story of cultivating and preparing foods using quality ingredients and home-grown techniques.

Similar to the farm-to-table movement, this paper line prizes the process of selecting quality ingredients, manufacturing with pride and integrity, and genuinely caring about craftsmanship. Both paper and food add authenticity to our lives by providing necessary tactile moments lacking in our increasingly digital world. It’s about fundamentals and honesty.

With this piece, the paper is pushed to demonstrate vibrant, full-color photography and illustrations while acting as a guide on making sustainable choices in life outside of the print and paper world.

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